Simple and Easy Dumpster Rentals in the Atlanta Area

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We have a commitment to you to provide the best customer service available beginning with helping you order the proper size of dumpster to on time delivery and final pickup of your dumpster.

Clear & Upfront Pricing
We provide clear and transparent pricing that always includes delivery, dumpster pick up, tonnage limits per size and cost if you go over tonnage allowed, and designated time limit to keep the dumpster.

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Our phone operators have been with us for many years, some have been with us since the company started in 1995. We are highly skilled to help you find the right dumpster for your needs that will help you get the job done fast!

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Helpful Hints in Choosing A Roll-off Dumpster
Dumpsters are great for removing large amounts of clutter that can’t be discarded through your regular waste removal company. Great for Residential and Commercial use.

Roll-Off dumpsters are great for:

  • Spring Cleaning at your house or business
  • Remodeling or home renovation project
  • Commercial job sites


1. Please remember that we cannot take the following items in our dumpsters due to landfill restrictions; however if you have any of these items, please speak to one of our qualified waste advisors on how to dispose of them.

  • White goods/appliances (i.e. ovens, refrigerators, freezers)
  • Mattresses
  • Paint cans (NOT EVEN DRY PAINT)
  • Antifreeze, oil or gasoline
  • Chemicals
  • Natural gas or propane tanks
  • Computer Monitors or Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Grease or food waste
  • Tires
  • Asbestos
  • Crossties
  • Medical and/or Hazardous Waste

2. Make sure you get the proper size dumpster for your project.

3. Do not set anything close to, behind, or in front of the dumpster.

4. Set the unit in an easy to gain access place on a somewhat flat area & hard surface (i.e. driveway).

5. Please do not overload the dumpster. It can be filled to just below the sides or level with the sides of the dumpster. Overloading your Dumpster will only cause the driver to not be able to pick it up and cost you more in the long run.

6. Keep the area all around the dumpster tidy to prevent attracting pests.

Dumpster Size Guidelines

Please make sure that you do your best to determine the appropriate size dumpster for your rental. Measure twice, order once, we always say! There are three primary Roll Off dumpster sizes: 10, 15 and 20 yards, each of which is better for different sized projects. While we have recommended uses for each dumpster size, all sizes are appropriate for all types of accepted debris or refuse

15 Yard Dumpster – 15’ Long x 7’ Wide x 4’ High

Holds 15 cubic yards of debris. It can be well suited for a broad variety of tasks.

  • Garage or basement debris.
  • Removal of wood and decking material.
  • Flooring Debris (i.e. carpet, padding, hardwood)
  • Roofing shingles.
  • Yard Clean up

20 Yard Dumpster – 22’ Long x 8’ Wide x 4’ High

Great for moderate sized projects.

  • Larger basement or garage debris removal.
  • Removal of flooring and carpet in substantial size homes.
  • Removing of larger sized decks.
  • Removing of roof shingles for larger homes.

See our 7 yard and 13 yard Dump Trailers here.

Selecting the correct size can be difficult but we are here to help! Give us a call at

. We will help you any questions you may have regarding the size dumpsters to use.

We will help you to the best of our ability with any questions you may have regarding the size dumpsters to use but we cannot be held responsible if you choose the wrong size.